"A life changing Seminar"


The "Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age" is a seminar that was read out of the Akasha by Agni Eickermann and Orama Seifert for me in 2020.


During the course of this training you will become one with the Female light of creation. This Light is one of the most important creation aspects of the golden age, since it empowers us to create it.


During the training you go through deep initiations that connect you with your divine self and your mission on earth and empowers you to fulfill it. 

It’ll help you to let go everything that does not belong to you anymore so that your true self shines through. You become one with your unique qualities you gained over many incarnations for the Golden Age. Your full potential begins to bloom.


The ‚Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age’ empowers your inner sun so that you beginn to shine with your own Gold. You learn to see things in a new way, you experience a new kind of leadership and you will heal what hinders you to lead the truly fulfilled life you deserve.


This light will not only support you in your personal and professional life but also will enable you to really become the creator of your life and by doing so changing the world from within 💗


Within an initial course of 5 days, followed by an integration period and a training course of 4 days, you become an Ambassador of the ‚Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age‘. 


The total cost is EUR 7'000.


I am happy to guide you through those deep and powerful initiations into the ‚Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age’ and help you to integrate it into your personal and professional life.


With my core competencies ‚Leadership‘ and ‚Summertreats‘ I support you practising your creational power in your daily life.

I look forward seeing you rise and shine 🌞

 Love ❤️ Hanna, Spiritual Teacher and Leadership Coach



What the 'Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age' does for you:

  • You can recognize the messages of your personal challenges, accept them, let yourself be guided by the bubbling flow of life and swim happily with it.
  • It heals deep levels of injury and separation and thus helps to create real abundance for yourself and others and to arrive in your own being one.
  • It prepares the ground for you to give birth to yourself into the golden age on earth.
  • You become a sun yourself and give birth to your own light and your own instruments - and thereby become an adviser and guide for others into the golden age.
  • By bringing this light into the world, it supports your personal development and your work - no matter in which area you are active.
  • It supports you creatively, energetically, healthily and on your levels of happiness, touches you positively and inspires you.
  • The golden temples of creation in the earth awaken at the place of training through the 'Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age'  in their creative power (earth healing, power place as golden light center)


Click here to get your free session in which I will touch you with the 'Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age' so that you can feel the call of this wonderful light in you and what it can do for you.


Initial course (4-5 days)


The first block is dedicated to initiations.


Your whole system is flooded by the very high vibrating 'Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age'.


The light washes away a lot and forms the ground so that you can connect to your own levels of light and knowledge. At the same time it is an update to the light qualities of the Golden Age.

Your chakras will be updated to the Golden Age. They become living instruments of creation.


The climax is the holy initiation into one's own sun-being with the 'Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age'.


Integration Period


In the 3 to 6 months between the 2 courses I support you - individually and in a group - in integrating the 'Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age' in your body, in your systems, into your work and everyday life.


Training course (4 days)


The second block is dedicated to the experience of the expanded and integrated 'Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age'. There is also a further expansion by working with it specifically and practically.

You get access to new levels of perception, your own aspects, your own special qualities and your own perspectives from the 'Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age'.

You get further access to this light, e.g. to recognize gaps, cracks and needs in yourself and others in the system and to close, heal and flow through your qualities from the 'Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age'.

Further aspects are the finding of visions in the 'Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age' (what the light brings to the world; what happens through the light in your life and thus in the collective; new vision levels; making vision space available for others) and the concrete work with mirror levels to achieve unity reinforce, make aspects visible for oneself and others, reflection of qualities etc.

The core of this block are new leadership levels of the Golden Age.

The crowning glory is the anchoring of your new qualities and the expansion into your own home, work and into your everyday life.


"...As an ambassador for the Female Creation Light of the Golden Age, I enjoy her training, guidance and inspiration. On the one hand, the new “feminine” way of creating is so close and familiar to me that I can hardly feel it as separate from me. Another time it is so concrete and phenomenally new and sacred that it touches me deeply in my being. Hanna's leadership was not only very present during the seminar and attentive to all of her participants in detail, even now between the two blocks she is completely there for us individually and as a group and carries us all through the time and the upcoming topics. And together we benefit from each other and our personal growth steps.

This is the new golden age that we have dreamed of and that we are now empowered to implement. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Hanna, for your BEING! "

Ghira, teacher and spiritual master


"...In this training from Hanna Muschter you will receive the initiation into the 'Female Light of Creation of the Golden Age'  Thus this pure and very high vibrating light becomes one with you and your light. You then give birth to your very individual female light of creation.

This is a light from the future, which has never been seen before on earth. What does that mean to you?

Nothing stays as it was. This light penetrates everything, really everything! You are asked to love yourself unconditionally and to become free from everything that has hindered you from being LOVE so far.

You learn to let go and trust in divine guidance, who always only wants the best for you.

You grow beyond your previous limits, because this light fills the cracks deep into your soul and the feeling of incompleteness dissolves.

The body receives a Golden Age update, i.e. your vibration, also on a physical level, increases significantly.

Light is finally flowing again for the first time in areas where nothing has ever helped. The old wounds are closing, the promise of the Golden Age begins to manifest itself in and through you.

You do your very own thing uncompromisingly, full of joy, because your incarnation goal finally feels attainable.

The multidimensionality of this light, which your chakras begin to implement after initiation, begins to show itself in the implementation of your tasks. You are suddenly attracting the right people for your job.

For me, besides the master initiation, one of the most significant initiations I have ever received.

In deep gratitude and solidarity I bow to Hanna, who gives birth to this light for the new time ... "

Marena, Spiritual Master and Coach


"The acceptance of my feminine light of creation" through Hanna's initiation and training gave me a new liveliness, which can be briefly described with basic trust and freedom.

Everything that has shown up in my life in terms of qualities and skills is brought together gently and playfully by the feminine light of creation, so that I perceive myself to be more complete and at home. For the first time in my life I feel self-sufficient because I feel nourished by myself and fully trust my inner guidance and life. Everything has become so easy and simple, despite the adversities on the outside. I am inwardly calmer, more concentrated and at the same time freer by constantly letting go of thought patterns, beliefs and opinions. This also makes me more tolerant of my surroundings and at the same time it strengthens my compassion.

During the awakening and the integration of the feminine light of creation in me, Hanna led me gently, lovingly and absolutely empowering in group work or individual coaching. She was always there for me between the blocks, especially when I had "apparently the greatest resistance" and also contacted me when she had an impulse for me. Your intensive, steadfast accompaniment was the basis for the unfolding of the feminine light of creation in me and the abilities that go with it.

Thank you very much Hanna for the great togetherness, the experiences, gifts and my coming home on mother earth." Narana, geographer, coach and shaman